Every year the United States Government sets back billions of tax dollars in grant money either directly through the government or through government-supported agencies. Sometimes a lot of this money goes unused because people are not aware that it even exists. There are many types of grants available including free grants for the disabled at freegrantsfordisabled.org.

This money is set aside to help people with disabilities improve their quality of life. This could be through modifying their home (rented or owned) including wheelchair ramps or railings, allowing for better access. It could also be money to purchase mobility equipment including wheelchairs, mobility carts, or even special strollers for disabled children. Sometimes there are even special programs to help purchase medications or to pay for schooling. There are many different grants available and some grants are disability-specific including ones for the blind, the deaf, and of course veterans so make sure to do the research see freegrantsfordisabled.org.

There is really no reason why anyone with a disability should not be offered help when they need it, but that is just not the way government grants (or any grants) work. First, the disabled person has to know that they even exist and then the money has to be applied for in order to be awarded. Remember, when you apply for a grant you have to make sure you follow the directions exactly or else your application could be rejected. Don't forget, though, the great thing about free government grants is just that...it is free money that you do not have to pay back.

Make sure that you or someone you know is disabled and in need of certain items, he or she finds out about and applies for the grant qualified for that would help him or her improve their life.

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