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Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) can be used both on your regular laptop or onsite in the building using the Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Your instructor will ensure you have access to the appropriate simulation scenario and will explain what is expected of you.

Can my laptop really do this?

Yes, all laptops that meet the school requirements will run the OMS software. The requirements can be found here.

How do I start?

First, you have to make an account. At a designated time before the date of the simulation, you will receive an email at your Hopkins email asking you to confirm your email and set a password. DO NOT set your Hopkins password as your OMS password.

After setting your password and logging in, you will see a brief set of guidelines along with the link to download the OMS software.

Now what?

To start using the software, go to this website and login with the credentials you previously created.

             **You want to access this website using Google Chrome as your web browser**

Who do I contact for help?

  • For technical issues only with downloading and installing the software contact the Helpdesk at: 410-614-8800 or
  • For technical issues inside of the simulation, OMS offers a live chat during business hours. Outside of business hours they respond to emails within 1 business day

                    ← This icon will be located on the bottom right and initiates live chat 

                   OMS Email: 

  • If you can't find your simulation scenario or need help with the content please contact your instructor

I forgot my password.

On the OMS login page, click the forgot my password button and enter your email. Be sure to enter the email address that was used to create your account. Generally this would be in the format but its possible it was entered as After clicking the button labeled "Send me password reset instructions" it may take up to 5 minutes before you receive a link that lets you change your password.

Below you will find additional information to ensure the best experience when using OMS

OMS Quick Start Guide.pdf

Area Setup.pdf

VR Station Cleaning Procedures.pdf

Health and Safety in VR.pdf

Common Issues.pdf

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