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Download and Install the Printer Software 


  1. Click on link to download the setup file: Student Printer Mac Installer

  2. Open the Downloads Folder and select the Popup-Student.dmg file you downloaded
  3. Open the "Popup" drive mounted to your desktop and install the "Popup.pkg"
    • NOTE: If you receive the error warning "App can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"
    • control-click the application and choose “Open

  4. Select Continue on the "Introduction" and "Read Me" dialogue windows

  5. Select Install

  6. Provide Username and Password to local machine if prompted

  7. When the installation completes, click Close

  8. The printer called SON-Student_Printer has now been installed

Instructions on how to print and retrieve print jobs can be found here: SON Student Printing Instructions


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