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How long can I keep my JHU e-mail address after graduation?  The short answer is forever (with a caveat). Please read below.

Your Hopkins JHED ID will be disabled 6 months after graduation.  You will lose ALL access to Hopkins resources and systems including e-mail and Blackboard content at that time.  You will retain access to the Hopkins SIS system through your alumni account.  There is also a way for your current JHU email address to remain valid indefinitely by following some basic steps. It involves creating an alumni e-mail account. You should receive an e-mail from the JHU Alumni Office once you become eligible for this. You should follow the instructions outlined in that message as soon as you receive it unless you intend on enrolling in another JHU program within 6 months of graduation.

The alumni e-mail account will actually be a new e-mail account/address with the following format However, as part of the migration process, there are steps to create an alias so that your current JHU e-mail address ( will continue to work and any messages sent to that address will route to your new alumni account.

A link to the Alumni page with complete information on this process is here

If you have problems with the process, there are e-mail links on the right-hand side of the Alumni page to get help. Since none of these systems or processes are under the control of the SON ITS group, our ability to assist with them is very limited.

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