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JHUSON Student Printer installation instructions

The JHU School of Nursing has made available student printing for both Mac or Windows systems.  Students have the ability to print directly to public SON printers from their own laptops. This functionality requires the installation of Pharos client software. Please follow the link below for your computer operating system.

Printer Installation Instructions for Mac

Printer Installation Instructions for Windows

JHUSON Student Printing instructions

The steps for printing are the same whether you are printing from a SON public computer or your own laptop with SON printing configured. 

SON Student Printing Instructions

JHUSON Student Printer Costs

JHUSON Student Print and Copy 
Support & Supplies 

JHUSON Student Printing/Copying Costs

Free Prints or Copies1500 (black & white pages) per year, divided into 250 block grants every 2 months (no carryover)
Cost per page (single-sided)$.04 (black & white pages) and $.07 (color pages)

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