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Zoom is a web conferencing service used at the JHU School of Nursing. More information about Zoom can be found on their web site:

Zoom is best used for online meetings that need advanced sharing capabilities, including some or all of these features:

  • Video collaboration
  • Meeting audio or video recording
  • Screen sharing

If an online meeting will be by phone only, it is better to utilize the JHU AT&T teleconference service.


The base cost for hosting a meeting is covered by the school's general technology account, but additional fees for telephone integration may be billed to separate accounts (advanced features available upon request). International rates are available at (refer to "Pay As You Go" rate column).

How to Request a Meeting

To request a Zoom meeting, complete this form:

How to Use Zoom

Soon after you complete a meeting request, a 9 digit Zoom meeting ID will be emailed to you for that meeting. The meeting assigned to you should be used ONLY during the scheduled meeting time (not before or after the meeting, otherwise you might interrupt another scheduled meeting). To access the meeting, you simply visit the URL (web site address) sent to you. If you wish to join the meeting by phone, dial the call in number provided to you and enter the 9 digit meeting ID. If joining from a mobile device using the Zoom app, also simply enter the 9 digit meeting ID.

Test Meeting

To try out a test Zoom meeting to be sure your computer is setup correctly, visit:

Please do not use a scheduled Zoom meeting to test, outside of the scheduled meeting time. Using a Zoom meeting ID outside of the scheduled time can interrupt other meetings in progress.

Zoom Support

For additional help using Zoom, please visit the Zoom support page:


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