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  • Take transitioning to remote work seriously.  A little preparation and planning will make this go smoothly.
  • Get organized.  Think about all the routines you follow in your job — passwords, paperwork, hallway conversations, network drives, phone numbers, morning coffee.  All of these can be compensated for when working remotely, but it’s MUCH easier to figure out what’s important and how to replicate it if you break it down before changing your routine.
  • Practice your remote working routine occasionally.  Software versions update, processes update, things change.  You don't want to discover things have changed when trying to teach a class of expectant students or when a budget is due.  A periodic test of you remote work capability will help avoid a stressful situation.
  • If you have a SON issued laptop, consider getting in the habit of bringing it home with you every day.  You never know when you might need to work remotely.  Any number of scenarios could occur that might prevent you from being able to enter the SON building to retrieve a laptop and other items left in your office.
  • Zoom/Video meeting Etiquette tips. Please reference this document to improve your video conference experience as well as that of others in your meetings. Zoom-/Video Meeting Etiquette.pdf