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The JHU School of Nursing has two options available for Qualitative Analysis 


Please be aware that the SON Help Desk is unable to provide any support on how to use the software discussed on this page.  Their ability to assist is strictly limited to helping to install the software on your systems.  Please reference the vendors' documentation and websites for help using their software.

titleF4Analyse (for school-wide use)

Windows and MacOS versions available.  This is a simple and light-weight tool that uses a very small footprint on your computer. This is recommended if you are looking for a low learning curve solution for a relatively simple qualitative analysis and you want to be up and running quickly. See more details on the vendor's website here

The SON currently maintains a license for 10 concurrent (simultaneous) users. Using this software off campus requires a VPN connection to the Hopkins network. If you do not already have the JH VPN setup on your computer, you can go here to do that yourself  The SON Help Desk can assist with this if you run into any difficulty.

Once you have the VPN configured, please open a ticket with the SON Help Desk via Email or Phone to request having F4Analyse installed. / 410-614-8800

titleATLAS.ti (for PhD use only)

Currently, licenses for this software are only available to SON PhD students or collaborators on related projects.

Windows, MacOS, and Cloud versions available. This is a more recognized application with useful and robust functionality. However, it also comes with a slightly steeper learning curve.  If you are not already familiar with qualitive analysis software and need to get your analysis going quickly ATLAS.ti might not be the best choice.  However, if you are already familiar with the software (or unfamiliar with strong technical skills and time to learn), this would be a good solution for you.  Another benefit to using ATLAS.ti is that the licensing is cloud-based so a VPN connection to the Hopkins network is not required when running it as F4Analyse does.  See more details on the vendor's website here

The SON currently maintains a license for 5 concurrent (simultaneous) users. The first step in getting access to ATLAS.ti is to send an email to the SON Help Desk and request an ATLAS.ti Invitation Code.  If you are not a SON PhD student, but are collaborating with a student who is, please either have them request the code for you or CC that student on your request and mention you are collaborating with them.  Once you have the code/link, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Activation Link
  2. If you already have a myATLAS.ti account, enter your credentials. Otherwise, click the Sign up link to create an account.  Please be sure to use your JHU email when creating your account so your SON affiliation is easily identified in the registered user list.  Unrecognized addresses might be blocked from using SON licenses.
  3. You will be asked if you want to join the JHU School of Nursing license and enter your name for your profile.
  4. Once you have successfully logged into and activated the SON license, you should see options for downloading the software and accessing the Cloud version (ATLAS.ti Web).

titlePlease Be Considerate

Note that there may be times when all 5 licenses for this product are in use and you will be unable to access it.  Please be considerate of other users and be sure to close the software when you are not actively using it so that the license is freed up for someone else to use.