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  1. Open the application you will be printing from: This example uses Microsoft Word 
  2. Select File
  3. Select Print
  4. Select the Printer: SON-Student SecurePrint  (might also be called SON-Student_Printer)
  5. Select Print

  6. In the popup window, provide your JHED ID example: JDoe13

  7. Select Print

  8. You can retrieve your print job at any printer with the secure release terminal attached
    Note: The print job will be held for 2 hours before being deleted from the print queue.  

    Public Printer Locations:

    1. Pinkard Building
      • Room 320
      • Room 313
      • Room 309
      • Lower Level Hallway
    2. Student House
      • First Floor Lounge
      • Room 310 "PHD Lab"

  9. At the printer, wipe swipe your Student ID badge in the card reader attached to the printer or terminal and proceed to step 10

    1. If you do not have your Student ID with you, follow these steps:
      1. Start by touching the screen or select Sign In
      2. Enter your JHED ID Example: JDoe01
      3. Select Enter
      4. Enter the corresponding Password:
      5. Select Enter
  10.  Select the Cost Center you wish to have charged, choose the 1650030012 - SON Free Student Printing option to deduct the cost from your FREE printing quota

      1. On a single function printer, you will see your list of jobs available to print.  On multi-function (print/copy/scan) devices, you will need to select Print Release from the menu options
      2. Select a document to print or choose Print All if you have multiple documents and want to print all of them.

  11. On multi-function devices, select the Home symbol and then press "Sign Out."  On single function devices, simply press Exit