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IBM SPSS Statistics is a commercial statistical software product that is commonly used in the social sciences, business and nursing sciences. IBM offers discounted versions of this software to students and employees in the education sector. Proof of affiliation must be presented to be eligible for the reduced pricing. Johns Hopkins University has partnered with Kivuto to facilitate easy purchasing of the educational product for personal use, following the steps outlined below. NOTE: faculty and staff employees of the School of Nursing, using a university-owned device, are eligible to use an institutional license and are not required to purchase a personal copy. Contact the ITS help desk for more information.

How to Purchase

IBM SPSS is licensed for use on a timed basis (i.e., it is leased). Before you purchase, decide how long you will need to have access to the software, and purchase the appropriate rental duration (6 month or 12 month). The software stops working after the lease expires, unless an additional license fee is paid.

  1. Visit the JHU OnTheHub site:

  2. You should be directed to the SiteMinder authentication page. Log in with your JHED Login ID and Password.

  3. After logging in, you should see a tab for either "Faculty/Staff" or "Student" (or both, if applicable). Search under the "Statistics" or "Data Analysis" category for SPSS. Students should choose "IBM SPSS Statistics Standard GradPack" (Standard is recommended over the Base package).

  4. You must choose the version of SPSS you want to download, either Windows or Mac. Note that a purchase of one version does not allow you to use it on a different platform, so be sure you get the version that is appropriate for your computer.

  5. Click the "Add to Cart" button for the version that you wish to purchase, then follow the instructions to check out and pay for the software.

  6. When purchasing the software, you will be given the option to purchase "extended access" to the software, which will allow you to download the software at a later time if needed (for example, if you purchase a new computer and need to reinstall the software). If you keep a copy of the downloaded installation files AND the activation code somewhere safe, you should not need to purchase extended access.

  7. Follow the installation instructions carefully. After installing the software, you MUST enter the activation code for the software to be properly licensed. Otherwise, your software will stop working, and if you didn't keep a copy of the activation code, you may be forced to purchase extended access to retrieve the activation code.