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Accessing voicemail and changing your greeting remotely:

  1. Call your phone number.
  2. Wait until your call is transferred to voicemail.
  3. Press * then press #
  4. Enter your entire 10-digit phone number when prompted for your mailbox number
  5. Enter your security code when prompted (If you don't know this code, you will have to contact Sabrina to have it reset. Be sure to do this prior to any closure event as it requires submitting a ticket to the Hopkins Enterprise and is not completed immediately.)
  6. To listen to messages, press 1
  7. To change or set your greetings, press 4 for the Phone Manager
  8. Press 1 for Personal Options
  9. Press 3 to record Personal Greetings
  10. To change and your Standard Greeting, press 2 (Note deleting the recording turns off your standard greeting.)
  11. To change and turn on your Out Of Office greeting, press 3
  12. When you save the recording, it is automatically enabled.  To turn it off, simply hang up and access your voicemail again. You will be prompted to turn it off or leave it enabled.

For reference, Hopkins phone extension prefixes are:  410-283-xxxx,  410-502-xxxx,  410-614-xxxx,  410-955-xxxx,  443-287-xxxx

Enabling and disabling the EC500 feature on your phone remotely:

First, what is EC500?

The Extension to Cellular Service (also known as EC500) adds flexibility and convenience for customers on the move. The service allows Johns Hopkins customers with Avaya telephones to have incoming calls to their desk phones ring on both their office phone and one outside phone (typically a cellular phone). When a call comes into your Hopkins extension with EC500 enabled, the caller ID information of the caller will still appear on your cell phone.  This is an add-on feature with an additional monthly charge. You can e-mail SON-CampusOperations to have this feature enabled or complete the Telephone Service Request yourself.

Enabling and disabling EC500 remotely

The following numbers MUST be dialed from the phone that receives EC500 calls:

ENABLE EC500 Remotely, dial 443-287-6256

DISABLE EC500 Remotely, dial 443-287-6255

The setting will be changed and the call will be disconnected. There is nothing else you need to do.

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