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Antivirus software is an important tool to help keep your computer protected from malicious software. Use the table below to download recommended antivirus software for your computer. Be certain only ONE antivirus program is installed/running on your computer at the same time or you may experience significant performances issues.

Our advice it to avoid products advertising "Total" or "360" protection. There are many products out there that include features beyond antivirus. Many of these can cause more performance and functionality problems than they protect against.  Stick with a product that focuses on just antivirus protection.  There are other options beyond what is listed here, particularly for Windows machines. IT@JH highlights additional resources on their page linked below.

Please note the SON Help Desk does not provide any additional recommendations beyond what is listed here, nor does it provide any support for or assistance with installing or configuring any of the software listed. Please contact the software vendors or your computer manufacturer for additional support/questions.

Operating SystemSchool-owned ComputerPersonally-owned Computer
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection

Microsoft Security Essentials1

Microsoft Windows 8 & Windows 10Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection

Microsoft Defender2

Apple OSXMicrosoft System Center Endpoint ProtectionSophos Antivirus for Mac1

1. Bitdefender has eliminated their free product option, but AVG still appears to have a free offering.
2. Microsoft Defender is included with Windows 8 and above.

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