How do I ensure I have everything I need to work remotely?See the Remote Work Technical Readiness page https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/SwABC
Where do I find information on using Zoom?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/zICyAw
How do I reserve a room in the building?


How to connect to Hopkins WiFi?

Note faculty and staff should never connect to JHGuestnet. This may limit your access to certain resources that you will need. Instead, please be sure to connect to the 'hopkins' WiFi network.

How to configure Hopkins E-mail on a mobile device?

How do I access and configure my JHU voicemail remotely?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/1gCVBQ
How do I set an Out Of Office (or Auto Reply) message for my e-mailhttps://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/4ACVBQ
How to configure the Hopkins VPN?


How to access the R: drive remotely?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/kgBBAw
How can I connect to my SON desktop remotely?<Instructions in progress>
I heard JH faculty and staff have access to free copies of Microsoft Office 365 for personal use. How do I get/install this?Go to https://portal.office.com and enter JHED-ID@jh.edu as the login account (note this is "@jh.edu" not "@jhu.edu").  You should be re-directed to the Johns Hopkins login page before even having a chance to enter a password. Login with your JHED ID and password (do not include the "@jh.edu"). Once on the Office 365 portal, you should see a link to install Microsoft Office (likely in the upper right-hand corner).
I received a message in my Hopkins e-mail that I suspect is Spam or Phishing. What do I do?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/DAONB
I need access to Qualitative Analysis software for research.https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/W4POCQ
How do I digitally sign/secure a PDF?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/lgBmC
I have cracked the screen on my phone/tablet. Does Hopkins have any services that can help repair this?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/N4C1B
I have PII or PHI that I need to be portable or transport securely. What can I do?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/tIBzB
How do I create a SON compliant e-mail signature?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/JoDeAg
How do I connect a SharePoint calendar to Outlook?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/Zgqg
How do I use Poll Everywhere?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/cAJsAg
How do I access the Qualtrics survey software?https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/1IFLAQ
How to add an additional email account/mailbox to Outlookhttps://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/x/EQONB
I am having to enter my old JHED password on my SON laptop or offsite desktop. How do I fix this to that my device accepts my current password?

For laptop, simply bring it on campus and log into it while you are connected to the Hopkins WiFi network. Your current JHED password should work and will synchronize with the saved password on your system.

If you are having this issue with an offsite SON desktop or you are unable to bring your laptop on campus, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the system to the Pulse Secure VPN
  2. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and choose "Lock this computer"
  3. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del again and enter your current JHED password to unlock the computer
  4. The saved password on your system should now be in sync with the JHED system

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