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How do I get technical help if my question is not answered here?

Come to Room S315 in the Pinkard building
Call: 410-614-8800

What are the SON student computer requirements/recommendations?
Why does the SON require that the laptop used during its programs be no more than 3 years old?

While it is possible a machine older than 3 years will perform adequately during your entire program, older machines are more likely to experience hardware and software problems. SON programs are very fast paced and a laptop failure or poor performance could hinder your success as classes increasingly rely on technology.

How do I reserve a student Study Room?

How do I get a Zoom account?Go to
How do I connect to Hopkins WiFi?
ote students should not connect to JHGuestnet. This may limit your access to certain resources that you will need. Instead, please be sure to connect to the 'hopkins' WiFi network.

How do I configure Hopkins E-mail on a mobile device?
How to configure the Hopkins VPN?
I need access to SPSS for a class that I am taking. How do I get this?SPSS is installed on all of the publicly available computers at the SON. You can also install and run SPSS on your personal computer using the SON's license. See details here
I need access to Qualitative Analysis software for research
How do I access my U: drive?
How to install my free copy of Office 365 on my personal laptop?Go to and enter as the login account (note this is "" not "").  You should be re-directed to the Johns Hopkins login page before even having a chance to enter a password. Login with your JHEDID and password (do not include the ""). Once on the Office 365 portal, you should see a link to install Microsoft Office (likely in the upper right-hand corner).
How do I access online file storage (OneDrive) and configure it to synchronize with my laptop?

Please see the Johns Hopkins Enterprise web page for information on using this along with other collaboration tools.

If you have questions or problems, please contact the SON Help Desk.

How do I digitally sign/secure a PDF?
How do I enable printing to SON printers from my computer?
What are student printing/copying costs?
How do I scan a document?<Instructions in progress>
Is there a resource for students to get free or reduced price software? (JHU approved/supported)

How do I install the Respondus Browser?Please login to Blackboard, access the course and click the Exams menu on the left side for instructions on how to install and use the Respondus Browser.
How do I install RPNow (Remote Proctor Now)? You can also login to Blackboard, access the course using RPNow and click the Exams menu on the left side for additional instructions.
I'm working with a researcher and need access to Sponsored Projects folder (R: drive). How do I get that?

An access request must first be sent to the SON Help Desk

I received a message in my Hopkins e-mail that I suspect is Spam or Phishing. How do I report this?
I have cracked the screen on my phone/tablet. Does Hopkins have any services that can help repair this?
How long will I be able to access my Hopkins JHED and/or e-mail after I graduate?
How do I access UpToDate?This is a resource that is available through the Welch Library and is currently only accessible while physically on the Hopkins network (no VPN access). For more information, please refer to the Welch Library website
I'm enrolled in a course, but it doesn't show up for me when I log into Canvas. Why?

There two common reasons for this.

  1. (Most common) The instructor has not made the course available to students yet. Typically, this is done about 1 week prior to the first day of class. If you login to SIS and see the course in your list of registered courses, then this reason is most likely.
  2. There may be a billing problem or other issue with your student account. If you registered for courses, but no longer see them in SIS, this may be the reason. Contact the JHU Student Enrollment and Account Management office if you suspect this to be the case.

If neither of the above situations apply, contact the SON Help Desk to report the issue.

I understand the SON can provide loaner laptops when needed. How does this program work?
How can I protect my personal computer from viruses?

The WiFi/Internet isn't always reliable in my home or apartment and I sometimes have issues during exams. What can I do?

Home WiFi/Internet connection configurations vary too widely to provide specific advice, but here are some basic things you can do.

  1. If connection stability is critical, such as during an exam, connect your laptop to the Internet router with an Ethernet cable if possible. This cable is readily available at any office supply store, Home Depot, Lowes, or where most electronics are sold.
  2. For taking exams, WiFi connections to most home routers should be sufficient in small homes/apartments as long as the WiFi signal is strong and the ISP’s service is usually reliable.
  3. Whenever taking an exam, make sure no one else is utilizing the same WiFi/Internet connection for any unnecessary activity such as streaming services (both video and audio such as Netflix and Spotify), using any other high bandwidth application, or downloading/uploading large files.

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