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General Information


What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is Web-based survey software available for use by all JHU Nursing faculty, students and staff to support teaching and research at JHU. Surveys can be created and distributed by anyone with a JHED account.

How do I get a Qualtrics account?

All School of Nursing staff, faculty and students can create an account to use Qualtrics.

    1. Go to
    2. Users will be redirected to a Johns Hopkins Enterprise Authentication page - enter JHED credentials
    3. If it is the first time logging in to Qualtrics users will be shown a screen asking if they already have an account (Figure 1). Choose the button "I don't have a Qualtrics account".
    4. Qualtrics will auto create an account for users and a screen with user account information pre-filled with Username, Email, First Name, Last Name and Student status ("I am a student" checkbox and Graduation Date) will appear (Figure 2).
    5. Confirm account information making changes where necessary and click the "Update" Button.
    6. Users will then be taken to their personal Qualtrics dashboard where they can start creating surveys.

Figure 1 - First Login

Figure 2 - Account Information

What if I have questions about Qualtrics?

  1. If you are experiencing access problems (not able to create an account or not able to login to Qualtrics), please contact HelpDesk.
  2. Most questions can be answered by going to Qualtrics Survey University. The Qualtrics website offers an extensive set of online resources.
  3. Contact Qualtrics using e-mail.
  4. Contact Qualtrics by phone at 1-800-340-9194.

Qualtrics will respond to support telephone calls or e-mail contacts based on the order they are received and relative importance as reasonably determined by Qualtrics. Phone or e-mail assistance from Qualtrics is available during their normal business hours, 9am - 8pm EST on weekdays (Monday - Friday), except holidays. Limited e-mail support is available after hours and weekends.

Qualtrics Support at the SON

SON Support Contacts

ITS Role

    • Technical Support directed to 
    • Assist with JHED sign-on process
    • Direct users to correct resource (Research or MarCom)

MarCom Role

    • Review non-research surveys distributed to all staff and/or faculty
    • Provide question design consultation for non-research surveys measuring attitudes
    • Review surveys involving the strategic initiatives of the School
    • Review surveys geared towards market research and analytics

Note: MarCom is not responsible for technical support.

Research Administration Role

    • Review research surveys distributed
    • Provide question design consultation for research surveys
    • Provide software instructions for designing research surveys

Note: Research Administration is not responsible for technical support.

Qualtrics Role

    • E-mail and phone support (see notes above)

Training Resources

Qualtrics Training Session - Qualtrics Training

Qualtrics University -

Quickstart Guide  -


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