Project Overview

As announced in March, we are preparing to replace all managed printers/copiers throughout the SON. This only applies to managed devices labeled with names that begin with “SON-MP” not personal printers some people may still have. Below are a few bullets detailing what you can expect.

  • Departments and sponsored projects will no longer be charged for printing/copying on managed devices. Some people may have noticed that these charges had not been hitting your budgets since we returned from Covid. We have decided to continue with this approach and absorb these costs into the IT budget. Please be aware that printing and copying will still be monitored and this policy may be reconsidered if we see a significant increase in printing levels.
  • New devices will all be color capable, but default to black and white.
  • New devices will be significantly faster than most current devices (60-65 pages/min).
  • We will be adding a printer/copier near the elevators on the 4th floor.
  • Device replacements will be staggered over the next 3-5 months due to our space limitations and HP’s ability to deliver them as scheduled.
  • We will coordinate with departments and functional areas as replacements arrive.
  • Additional updates and instructions will be posted here as the project progresses.
Connecting to new printers

As new printers are brought online, it is our intent to automate the process as much as possible for all SON-managed Windows-based computers. Unfortunately, for Mac users the process will be more manual. We are still working Mac processes, but currently you will need to contact the Help Desk for assistance.

For Windows users, if a new printer is installed in your area and for some reason is not appearing in your printer list, you should be able to follow the steps below to connect to it.

  1. Find your printer’s network name. Should be “MP###” 
  2. In the Windows Search box, type \\SON-Print and press Enter
  3. This should bring up a list of printers. Find the printer from Step 1.
  4. Right-click on that printer and choose Connect… and you’re done.
  5. The printer should show up in your list as “MP### on SON-Print
Important Info and Known/Outstanding Issues
  • The old printers appear on your computers as "SON-MP###" and the new printers will appear as "MP### on SON-Print." Once a new printer appears on your computer, the old one might remain for a period of time. Please discontinue using the old printer as soon as the new one appears.
  • SecurePrint is currently not available on the new devices. We are waiting for the JH Enterprise to complete necessary upgrades to the Pharos system. If you must perform a SecurePrint, you can still do so and retrieve it an older device that hasn't been replaced yet.
  • For the same reason, swiping to authenticate on new devices for copying will not be configured initially. You can copy without logging/swiping in for now.
  • Printing on Ledger size paper (11x17) will only be available on 3 devices once they have all been replaced. They will be MP002 (S420A), MP007 (S320), MP008 (N530P)
Device Replacement Status

New Devices Installed/Replaced

MP002S420aAcademic Affairs

Devices Scheduled Next (order in process, waiting for a delivery date)

MP004N301Student Printing
MP001Outside S101Student PrintingCurrently on Lower Level
MP003Outside N325Student Printing
MP0064th Floor HallwayFaculty Offices/Fishbowlnew location near elevators
MP009N421Faculty Offices/Fishbowl
MP013N430Research Suite
MP010N530BBResearch CommonsWill replace SON-MP100
MP022N320Faculty SuiteWill replace SON-MP101
MP023N230FAdmissionsWill replace SON-MP102
MP024N230EAdmissionsWill replace SON-MP103
MP025N230GAdmissionsWill replace SON-MP104
MP017N500Post Docs

Devices Awaiting Order (sorted by probable timing)

MP007S320Student Affairs
MP008N530PResearch Commons
MP011N515Dean's Office
MP020N530AResearch Commons
MP018511 N WashingtonREACH
MP019511 N WashingtonREACH
MP014House R312Marketing
MP015House R200Business/Finance
MP016House R100Development
MP021Wald R206Community Programs

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