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Zoom is a web conferencing service used throughout Hopkins.

The School of Nursing maintains its own instance for faculty and staff only here

Hopkins/SON students have access to Zoom in a centrally managed instance here

Zoom is best used for online meetings that need advanced sharing capabilities, including some or all of these features:

  • Video collaboration
  • Meeting audio or video recording
  • Screen sharing

In addition to Faculty/Staff and Student Zoom instances, there is also a JHM (HIPAA compliant) instance.

Please see the comparison matrix here to learn what the differences are.

Creating Your Own Account for Students

Students can access/activate their Pro-level Zoom account online, by going to and logging in with their JHED credentials. When logging in with the desktop client, please select "Login with SSO" and enter the domain as "jhubluejays". You can learn more about Zoom viewing the user guides and short video tutorials on Zoom’s support page.

Student will loose their Zoom accounts approximately 6 months after graduation.

Creating Your Own Account for Staff and Faculty

Please reference the two instructional videos below on creating your Zoom account, scheduling meetings, adjusting meeting settings, and troubleshooting. Note when you login to Zoom for the first time, your account will automatically be elevated to Pro/Licensed status.  However, if you go longer than two months without logging into your Zoom account, it will be downgraded to Basic status which means you will not have the ability to record meetings and meetings with more than 2 participants will be limited to 40 minutes. In order to have your account elevated back to Pro/Licensed status, you will need to call or e-mail the SON Help Desk and ask to have your account elevated.

SON Help Desk or 410-614-8800

Creating your Zoom account and scheduling meetings:

Zoom meeting settings, controls, and basic troubleshooting:

The SON Office of Educational Quality & Innovation has also created a page with these and other great Zoom instructional aids:

In addition to the training videos above, the JH Enterprise maintains an information page with links to dozens of additional training videos and tutorials:

As more people begin using personal Zoom accounts rather than having SON Multimedia schedule meetings, we may develop more in-depth training to ensure everyone is getting the maximum benefit from this resource. Please feel free to contact the SON Help Desk if you have any questions or problems creating or using your Zoom account.

How to Request a One Time Meeting

If you only need to host a Zoom meeting occasionally and do not need your own account, please use the following link to request one-time meetings:

How to Use Zoom

Soon after you complete a meeting request, a 9 digit Zoom meeting ID will be emailed to you for that meeting. The meeting assigned to you should be used ONLY during the scheduled meeting time (not before or after the meeting, otherwise you might interrupt another scheduled meeting). To access the meeting, you simply visit the URL (web site address) sent to you. If you wish to join the meeting by phone, dial the call in number provided to you and enter the 9 digit meeting ID. If joining from a mobile device using the Zoom app, also simply enter the 9 digit meeting ID.

Trimming a Zoom Recording

You have recorded a class or lecture, but there is a significant amount of time at the beginning and end of the recording that needs to be trimmed before posting to Blackboard or elsewhere.  Here is how to trim the unwanted parts:

Test Meeting

To try out a test Zoom meeting to be sure your computer is setup correctly, visit:

Please do not use a scheduled Zoom meeting to test, outside of the scheduled meeting time. Using a Zoom meeting ID outside of the scheduled time can interrupt other meetings in progress.

Zoom Support

For additional help using Zoom, please visit the Zoom support page:

Use of Third-Party Apps in Zoom

Zoom allows the use of many third-party applications within the platform to expand its features. Some apps will require Admin approval before you can use them. SON ITS will usually approve these requests as long as the application is from a reputable developer. That said, please be aware that SON ITS will not provide functional support (help learning out how to use) for third-party applications. If you experience technical difficulty using or configuring a third-party application in Zoom, you will be expected to contact the third-party app developer's support group for assistance. If the developer's support group determines there is a change within our Zoom instance that needs to be made, SON ITS can be contacted to facilitate that change.  Please do not contact the SON Help Desk for third-party application support without first troubleshooting the issue with the developer.

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