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Use these steps to set up a School of Nursing compliant email signature. This article is geared towards School of Nursing faculty and staff (students don't have to follow the rules!).

Format your signature

To get started, use the following web form to create a basic signature that follows the SON style. You can then copy and paste the new signature into your email client(s), and then make fine-tuned edits.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your JHED ID and password
  3. The form will auto complete with data from your JHED account. Change anything you wish to change in the form fields, then click "Update Signature ->"
  4. Once the signature looks good, click "E-Mail My Signature", which will deliver the properly formatted signature to your email inbox.
    NOTE: if you are unable to make the signature look exactly like you want it to look using this form, you can tweak it after copying and pasting it into your email client.
  5. Follow the steps using the instructions below, depending on your email client (Outlook, Outlook Web Access, iPhone, Android).

Copy and paste your signature into your email client(s)

Signature in Outlook for Windows

Signature in Outlook Web Access - OWA (web-based access to your Exchange email)

Signature on Apple iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad)

Signature on Android Devices

Signature in Outlook for Mac